Alexander Menukhov (15.08.1981): artist

Education: Professional artistic education. Graduated Russian State University named after A.I. Getrsen in Saint-Petersburg in the fine art in 2006 and technical vocational school in Severodvinsk trained as teacher of drawing in 2000.



Activity and practical experience:
 The artist participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad – in Rumania, Poland, Lithuania and Norway since 2001. 
Alexander works with different tends of modern and traditional art: graphics, prints, illustration, painting, street-art, land-art, sand-art and art-objects.

Alexander Menukhov, an artist from Severodvinsk, is known by multiple creative activities with application of various artistic tools, techniques and methods for realization of the ideas. He started as a graphic artist, worked as a scene painter, has a vast experience of oil painting and teaching, practices in sand art. Besides, Alexander has experience of work with body and face art, making contemporary art objects of used consumer electronics and household appliances, large art-objects of flotsam and driftwood on the White Sea shore. There should also be mentioned the snow sculptures and fire art works in town squares and public places; the figure of narwhale, made of metal barrels brought from Frantz Josef Land; illustrations for children books and fairy tales by the northern writer Stephan Pissakhov; calligraphic etching and street-art works in Norway, Poland and Russia ; countless exhibitions and lectures in different towns and countries. There is hardly a material, which he has not used. The artist has worked extensively with video art at plays, in the theatre, and at dance concerts. Some years ago Alexander came back to the motive of angels, which is one of the theme lines of his entire creative career. Lately he has worked on a series about the city where he currently lives,  Archangelsk. The series shows us the look of the old town with wooden houses, masterpieces of the local architecture of the 19 century, which are disappearing in fire because nobody takes care on them.

One of the main fields the artist creates in is sculpture. In the year 2016 Alexander drew sketches of wooden sculpture for a number of festivals in Norway: the Barents Festival in Kirkenes (fire wooden sculptures for the opening show), Pomorfestivalen in Vardo (giant wooden sculpture Drakkar/Leviathan), the art festival «The Galleria» in Mosjøen. In addition to drawing sketches, Alexander built these sculptures with the creative team Taibola Assemble. In the year 2017 artist in the team Taibola Assemble took part in creation of wooden sculptures at the Kenozerskiy national park. The team built several art objects.