The performance “Following the Northern wind” is back on April,1.

After three years the performance of street theatre “Zmej Raduga” is back! The main roles are played by “Zmej Raduga” creative team members Vyacheslav Kuklin and Ekaterina Garkun, artist Aleksander Menukhov also takes part. Using camera, projector and special table the artist creates the animational story in real time during the performance. It is planned that after Severodvinsk the performance will be shown in Vardo, Norway in July 2018 at the Pomor Festival. As before it is strong social project in Russia: tickets are partly distributed free among youth, social activists, volunteers.

The project is supported by Severodvinsk city administration, Severodvinsk Youth theatre, Youth House of Arkhangelsk region, news portal “Main events of Severodvinsk” and Taibola art-festival.

“On the one hand this performance is a remake of old project, on the other – almost totally new creation. We wrote the script with a lot of action and few actors. Actors will change costumes and roles a lot. But it is still a kind fairy-tale and philosophic story clear to spectators of all ages. In the end love wins, but before happy-end you’ll see adventures at the shores of mythical cold sea. This is our third staged performance, and for the first time it will be shown in Norway”, – tells Daria Karacheva, leader of “Zmej RAduga” creative team.

“There will be less people on stage, but the intensity will grow. Before we used videos as a stage background but now we work with Aleksander Menukhov who creates live animational show during the performance. He uses volcanic sand, water, paints, collages, photos and other objects from everyday life which are turned into something totally new. It will be interesting and experimental at the same time”, – adds Ilya Kuzubov.

Photos by (с) « – Severodvinsk», Ekaterina Chaschina, Victor Semkov

Reрortage  on the channel  “Svoj Region”, Severodvinsk: