The new painting now adorns Petrovsky Square on the embankment. This place has always attracted citizens and tourists getting acquainted with the history of the city. Now both those and others will have one more opportunity to learn more about the past of Arkhangelsk.

The stone canvas depicts the images of the writer Alexander Green *, a young resident of pre-revolutionary Arkhangelsk, as well as the famous Arkhangelsk photographer and mayor Yakov Leitsinger.

The concept of painting is the effect of mirroring, as if a picture in a camera. In reality, we are standing with our backs to the river, but we are looking at its image, and Green looks, as it were, at the river, but at the painting – at us.

* According to the stories of contemporaries, it was here that A. Green liked to spend time when he was in exile in Arkhangelsk in 1910-1912. There is an opinion that perhaps it was our bright (scarlet) sunsets from Arkhangelsk, together with schooners, fishing ships sailing the waters of the Server Dvina, that inspired t

he writer to write the famous story “Scarlet Sails”.