Taibola Assemble created huge wooden sculptures of birdwatchers and a bird for the Pomorfestivalen in Norway, Vardo. This year the festival was online, so artist build the sculptures in Russia and then transported them to Norway. There was a live-stream of building sculptures on Youtube.

Film about project on Youtube (made by Igor Frolov): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4maYESkOLY

The film tells about the preparations for the 30th Russian-Norwegian Pomor Festival. Especially for the city of Vardo, the Taibola Assemble built and send 3 wooden sculptures dedicated to the Birdwatch movement (photographers watching birds in the wild). The sculptures will be installed in Vardø harbor (Finnmark, Northern Norway). The film contains russian and english subtitles.

Pomor Festival: https://www.pomorfestivalen.no

Арт & фото (с) Taibola Assemble
Location: Taibola.Workshop

Scetch: Alexander Menukhov

Work: Alexander Menukhov, Aleksej Maklakov, Nikolaj Terentjev