Postcards to the series of print works “Old Archangelsk”.

This series gave raise to a number of social problems, typical for a small town, like Archangelsk. These are a loss of historic buildings, the undeserving public transport vehicles and domination of shopping malls.

But nothing is eternal under the moon, things come and go, like sea tides.
Houses, which were built in 18-19th centuries, were not accepted by everyone. For example,nowadays the Gostiniy dvory ( the merchant center in Archangelsk) is an important part of the historical center of the town, the regional museum and the cultural platform, liked by all citizens. But 300 years ago it had only the utilitarian function defense of the city and trade.
Who knows, maybe in a few centuries modern malls will become museums and symbols of high culture?

Postcard 10*15

Price for one is 1,6 $ (100 ₽)