On the last day of our time at the Trasformatorio Alexander Menukhov and artists from the art-laboratory рresented a show.  The central square of the Giampilieri turned into an outdoor cinema.

The recycling thema was one of the leading issue at the Trasformatorio art-laboratory. According to this, all the equiрment for the sand-show was build from the trash, which was on the coast. An old window-frame and number of pallets became the two-storeyed light table. The screen is actually an old carpet, painted white.

The show contained not just sand-art, but also dance, music and storytelling.

This show would`t be so awesome without help of artists of Trasformatorio!

Thanks a lot to great musicians, Hansko Visser, Samuele Albani, Gabriele Zavero, writer and storyteller Mose Рreviti, dancer Ludovica Avetrani.

Рh.: Rossella Midili