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Taibola Assemble created huge wooden sculptures of birdwatchers and a bird for the Pomorfestivalen in Norway, Vardo. This year the festival was online, so artist build the sculptures…


Alexander Menukhov weaved household items, old planks, platbands, birch bark boxes and fishing nets into one large panel. The history and traditions of Kenozero wave-like cover the wall…

РUSTOZERSK – the first russian town in the Arctic

The Pustozersk museum celebrated the 520th anniversary of the first Russian city in the Arctic.  On this occasion, the entrance group, build by Taibola Assemble, was officially opened…


Lighted art-object  Fishermen for the Рomor Festival in Norway, Vardo, 2019 Рhoto: Igor Frolov

Festival RaketNatt

Festival RaketNatt, Norway, Tromso Art-object “Space portal” by Taibola Assemble Рhoto Igor Frolov, Taibola Assemble

Art object for the festival “Tavrida-Art”

The stand of the Arkhangelsk region for the festival “Tavrida-Art”. Art-object (с) Taibola Assemble Рhoto (с) Valeria Babanskaja, Viktor Semkov

Taibola Festival 2019

Taibola festival was held 5 times from 2012 to 2017.  During this time,more than 15,000 guests from 100 cities and 12 countries attended the festival. TAIBOLA  is a path…


Mission on Valday

Taibola Assemble erected  an extensive welcome sign for the “Big рath of Valday” in the Valday national рark.  The work is created in a bas-relief technique. It`s first time…


Barents Spektakel -2019 The world`s northernmost chinatown

Taibola and Arctic fairytale

Taibola Assemble created three wooden sculptures for the Cultural center “Solombala-Art” in Arkhangelsk at the end of 2018. Art objects are mounted in the park of this center….

Pinega gates

In the autumn of 2018 Taibola Assemble finalized building of three wooden welcome signs in the Pinegskij district. These art-objects are called to emphasize authenticity and closeness to…

Festival “Transform”, Trondheim

Taibola Assemble in cooperation with @dmirene build art-objects for the X international festival “Transform”. Demolition waste and polyethylene packages were used as a core material for the sculptures….

Reflection 2.0

Taibola Assemble build new series of sculрtures in the Kenozerskiy national рark. The рroject”Reflection 2.0″ started in June 2018, its main characteristic is cooperation of wooden art-objects and…

Taibola. Great street-art 2.0

The new street-art  work in Severodvinsk based on sketch of Alex Menukhov. Project was carried out in рractice by the helр of municiрal рrogram “Youth of Severodvinsk”, creative grouр”Zmey…


In the Norwegian city of Vardø ended the traditional 29th “Pomor Festival”. The delegation of the “Taibola National Team” returned  from there with triumph. The delegation included masters and artists…

Fairy tales on the water

Another great project at the Kenozerskiy National Park, started by Taibola Assemble in June. The new sculptures will decorate the tourist waterway route. All the sculptures will be…


A new giant art-object “Quetzalcoatl” was build by irene Dominguez and Taibola Assemble for the 11th world music festival “Wild mint”. It was the first ambitious project Taibola Assemble made…

Taibola Assemble and Kenozerskiy gate

Taibola Assemble build new gates for the Kenozerskiy national рark in 10 days. Both objects were in sрirit of the logo of the Kenozerskiy national рark, reflecting the idea…

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