Giant wooden bird is “at flight” in Sochi while its creators came back home.
Taibola Assemble that constructed the bird consisted this time of four people all from Severodvinsk: Aleksandr Menukhov, Alexey Maklakov, Nikolay Terentev, and Ilya Kuzubov. Unlike most of the stands presented at Youth Expo in high-tech style, Pomorie is represented by hand-made wooden object. The stand offers books and printed production from Arkhangelsk region as well as sport symbolics by fighting club “Odin na Odin”, fireweed tea by Bronski, postcards by Inga Paltzer, Severodvinsk construction kits “Atomic toys”, lamps and souvenirs by “Mnozhestvo”, wool animal toys by Sol studio, materials from three regional youth centers, records of local bands based on the White Sea and Northern Dvina. Bird of happiness became a attractive point for youth and guests from all over the world!
“We were asked what would happen to the bird after the exhibition is over? Unfortunately, there is no possibility to ship it to Arkhangelsk region, but it will be placed at one of the art-spaces in Sochi. So it seems that the bird will still represent Arkhangelsk region at the Black Sea,” – tells Ilya Kuzubov.
Great thanks to Youth House of Arkhangelsk region, O2 promo&event, project bureau ProShip, designer Roman Klimenko and creative team “Kontorka Chudes” for assisstance in project realization!

Photos (с) Nikolay Terentev