A new giant art-object “Quetzalcoatl” was build by irene Dominguez and Taibola Assemble for the 11th world music festival “Wild mint”.

It was the first ambitious project Taibola Assemble made in the central part of Russia for the last 7 years.

Irene Dominguez, the author of the idea, traveled around South America twice, where she met the Aztecs, the Inca and the Maya culture.

The sculpture “Quetzalcoatl” is 30 m in length and 6,5 m in height. The  “Quetzalcoatl” became a  popular meeting point by the guests of the festival and a place to put a picture on the memory.

Art: Irene Dominguez, Anton Рoyasov

Рh.: Irene Dominguez, Ilya Kuzubov, Ilya Frolov, guests of the festival “Wild mint”