Reindeer Day is over!

Taibola Assemble is back from Pinega district where the Reindeer Day organized by Forest Hotel Golubino was celebrated on March 8. The team constructed several figures in various styles. The backstage was made as traditional Northern embroidery; deer with huge antlers turnedout to be both realistic and cartoonly kind; two figures at the entrance were made in contemporary style working both day and night. The drafts were made by two artists – Alex Menukhov and Daneil Vlasov. Besides wooden sculptures the team has built two traditional nenets tents – chums, where reindeer herders sold their souvenirs. The Reindeer Day was organized for the second time gathering more than 2500 people.

“We really appreciated the event! I can imagine how much effort it took to organize everything on such a high level. We worked a lot too – 12 hours a day. I am sure this is just the start of years-long friendship and cooperation. We will be back to Golubino with new projects”, – told Ilya Kuzubov from Taibola Assemble.

Photos by (с) Ilya Kuzubov, Valeria Babanskaya