Taibola festival was held 5 times from 2012 to 2017.  During this time,more than 15,000 guests from 100 cities and 12 countries attended the festival.

TAIBOLA  is a path through the taiga, as well as an abandoned road in the Arkhangelsk province. In a metaphorical sense it is the path to yourself.

CULTURE. The main goal of the festival is to engage the audience in the creation process. Besides of watching performs of artists, you have the opportunity to build art objects with your own hands.

VOLUNTARY. For four years, the Taibola festival was held on a voluntary basis: we had no walls and tickets, all the volunteers built.

ECOLOGY. Before and after the festival, the festival venue is cleaned.

OPEN AIR. The festival takes place outdoors on the sea or river bank. We see  Taibola as a family tourism event (for all ages).